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Today's date is
Volume 2: August, 2006.

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Divided We Stand. United We Need To Be Against Corruption.
From Omosun Sylvester


TODAY there was a rumor in a print
A debate on the onset of re-election
Something to do with a player
Whose profile counsels against confrontation
The picture traced the vacant pages
A postal of a military in civilian gabs
The empty barrel of wine sack
Masquerading in an ethnic zone
Ruinous was its ego-conference call
Entreating us to see the goodness
Of the honor that once require of him
To annual freely an election so fair
Such was the murmur of hidden gossips
Calling on Allah a promise of change
Laments of sorrow spoken in vibes
The moos how it escapes me

Straining against the goats leash
We came not against our will
For the thirst require of us a drink
As the rigging rents the voters line
Such labor has its accomplishment
At every purpose there is such drive
Good or bad it is for profit
Like my poetry it has its reason
The booty depends on the voters
South or east equals the ethnic price
The mandate plays the greater role
In my country the corruption is transparent

We voted along with the practice
Planting devastation upon the culture
A harvest of corruption upon the motherland
More fresh fruits at the mercy of maggots
As the tribal domination flourished
Brothers clashed and the people perished
And the collision of the warring factions
Necklaces the men and their unity
Such dishonor to the freedman struggle
Of culture we once saved with a breaking back
Lords over men the division of a nation's conflicts
Something we know that makes us cry

'The Owu man is an embodiment of virtue"
Sang the presidential belle belch
"They do not steal nor do they defraud...'
The fart spreads across the prints
And the plague spread over the ethnic lane
And the symptoms were many and they vary
Such was the violence of the belle belch
Those groups arose to disunity our farts
The Arewa group is for the southern stench
The south-southern farting place of discord
The Afenifere group is for the tattooed races
The talisman against all Aremu's farts
Five years encumbered on the ground
The same antics in view, it faces in prints
Laudable achievement hailed by press
A selection of prints to the bogus claims
A promise of bridges over the "Oshodi" havoc
The adoption of such cruel policy:
The extra marks, clothes and cultural gabs
Maps the veiled languages and slogan of religion
Whose lamentable madness walked the whole way
Summoning the brotherhood to the shrine
Were every scent could get its jumbo call

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