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GraftWatch:The Most Reliable News Media on Corruption.

GraftWatch is a News Publication of the ConcernedNigerians.

Our Objectives: We are primarily committed to disseminating unbiased information about shortcomings and achievements in the war against corruption around the world as it affects Nigeria in particular and Africa in general. Knowledge is power. Our target if to empower all citizens, that are affected by corruption, with adequate information they need to free themselves from corruption and its engendered poverty.

Finances: Our financial supports come mainly from the supports from the ConcernedNigerians and donations from people like you.

Our Audience: GraftWatch publications are currently distributed electronically by e-mails and at our websites to hundreds of thousands of peoples all over the world. Our goal is to start having paper formats of our magazines at newsstands very soon.

Advertisement: Advertising with us is free. We will however appreciate any supports you may render to us in keeping our services to the humanity alive.

Supports: You can support our efforts by donations, by joining us, by becoming our patrons and many other ways.

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