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Volume 2: August, 2006.

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Osun State Politicians' Globetrotting: Over Two Hundred Million Naira Wasted?
From Niyi Adebisi
E-mail address:
On behalf of the ConcernedNigerians b
CC:      The Osun State Local Government Affairs Commission
            The Economic and Finance Crime Commission
            The Nigerian Bar Association
            Ms. Bolaji Atanda
            Osun State House of Assembly
            Osun State Government
Ms. Bolaji Atanda, the United States of America (USA) based Nigerian that linked Osun State politicians with the most recent virtually wasteful globetrotting jamboree in May 2006, seemed to have decided to belittle the power of journalism in-spite of her background. A popular adage has it that it is those naC/ve to the lethal power ... read more


Divided We Stand. United We Must Be Against Corruption.
From Omosun Sylvester


Today there was a rumor in a print
A debate on the onset of re-election
Something to do with a player
Whose profile counsels against confrontation
The picture traced the vacant pages
A postal of a military in civilian gabs
The empty barrel of wine sack
Masquerading in an ethnic zone more.


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EFCC to freeze IBB's accounts ....Daily Sun News

Shell admits fuelling corruption ....BBC

India Rejects One Child One Laptop Scheme as Rubbish! ....The Register

EFCC Raids Globacom and Conoil - IBB in trouble? ....This Day Online

Please support the War Against Corruption in Nigeria and Africa. Corruption Eradication  is our only hope of Achieving true and lasting Independence for the African nations. ......Click here for detail.

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100 Million Dollars' Laptops: Another Misplaced Priority
From Niyi Adebisi


Nigeria, the African giant with lofty problems, is taking another pacesetting step in the naturally wealthy continent that is predominantly inhabited by impoverished blacks. Unlike many other laudable pacesetting steps of this giant of Africa, like the West African peace keeping ECOMOG (Economic Community of West African States {ECOWAS} Monitoring Group) which spearheaded the prevailing truce in the erstwhile war torn Liberia, the current controversial computer project of Nigeria is a puzzling task that leaves every logical mind wondering if our leaders really know the needs of the community they are ruling over.   .... read more.


Join Charleans In Atlanta On September 8th- 9th, 2006 for a Better Secondary School System In Osun State...Click here for details.


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